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Nic & Tom on the News

Welcome to our "In the News" section, where we proudly share articles and features about our restaurant's journey in the media. We're thrilled to have garnered attention and appreciation from esteemed publications and platforms. Explore the articles below to delve into the exciting coverage and stories that have celebrated our culinary offerings, unique dining experiences, and commitment to excellence.

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Nic & Tom Eatery giving out free meals to everyone for 3 whole days to celebrate Chinatown opening

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The Straits Times

Nic & Tom Eatery reopens with an eat-for-free promotion

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Nic & Tom Eatery reopens at Sago Street with 3-day eat-for-free promotion

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Dine For Free At Nic & Tom Eatery When They Reopen In Chinatown


Shin Min Daily News


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35道菜11饮料任挑 本地店家酬宾豪请三天“霸王餐”

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Malaysia Sin Chew Daily

餐馆开张老板豪砸6万新元免费请吃3天 民众不惜等两小时排长龙

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FOOD REVIEW: Nic & Tom Eatery — Bringing culinary refrain back in style

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